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Shut out of the DNC Vanity Affair party -- again

When we stopped by the visitor's bureau booth in Pavilion 3 outside the Pepsi Center yesterday -- chips, beer and hits of oxygen! -- the conversation turned to an e-mail that several Denver bold names had received that day, a painful slap in the face of our fragile, world-class status. Find it below. -- Patricia Calhoun

Subject: IMPT: Google/Vanity Party Status

Thank you for your interest in the Vanity Fair/Google Party.

We have reached full capacity for this event and are unable to accommodate additional guests.

If you have NOT received a Confirmation email--separate from the automated RSVP response-- and a Party admission card with your name on it, you will not be admitted to the party. No exceptions.

If you HAVE received a confirmation email but have NOT picked up your admission card, you must reference your confirmation instructions and pick up your card by 4:00pm on Thursday.

Admission cards will not be distributed at the door.

If you use the shuttle service you must have your party admission card to board. No exceptions.

Thank you in advance for your understanding,

Vanity Fair & Google Events team

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