Anti-abortion protesters will hold several rallies this weekend.

Six DNC events worth watching

The DNC has inspired hundreds of protests and programs. Below are a half-dozen of the most interesting. And for glimpse at all the different protesters you'll encounter this week -- from angry Hillaryites to street-theater weirdos -- see Jared Jacang Maher's Protester Taxonomy.

1. One good thing about “A Prayer for Change,” organized by anti-abortion protesters: they’ll be done before the convention begins, after their “Pro-Life Mass” on Sunday, August 24. But before then, they’ll make their presence known at four big events across the city on August 23. There’s an address by Focus on the Family at 7 a.m., followed by a 9 a.m. protest at the new Planned Parenthood headquarters (7155 East 38th Avenue), a prayer and red rose-laying ceremony in front of the Pepsi Center at 12:30 p.m., and finally a rally in Skyline Park at 6 p.m. Counter-protests have already been promised by other groups, so you can expect a lot of action.

2. The urban oasis of the Mercury Café, at 2199 California Street, is one of the best places for lefties to hang out during the DNC, since it will be full of good food and good causes. Starting at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, August 23, revolutionary restaurateur Marilyn Megenity will kick things off with “Revolutionary Stew and War Rant Two,” with such local musicians as Ukulele Loki and Rachael Pollard, eighteen spoken-word artists, and “a joyful ritual for peace…” And through the convention, this is the spot to find CODEPINK, which will be stationed here every morning and night through August 28.

3. On Monday, August 25, Recreate 68 will take a break from its usual activities to hold a 5 p.m. levitation attempt at the Denver Mint, using “noisemakers, energy, spells, magic, costumes, anything that gives you power.”

4. At the same time Recreate 68 is trying to shake down the U.S. Treasury, Reverend Chuck Baldwin, a Jerry Falwell acolyte, will be mustering the power of God to drive out the illegal immigrant invasion. That’s the culmination of the day-long “RightMarch.com Anti-Illegal Immigration Rally” in Congress Park, where organizers promise speakers from the entire spectrum of the far right, ranging from political opportunists Bob Barr and Alan Keyes to Minutemen co-founder Chris Simcox and eternal-damnation-spewing Reverend Chuck. Attendees will also be able to enjoy the alarmist Border: The Movie, which will be looped for all eight hours of the event. Get some sun (but not too much), relax, and marvel at the fact that Barr, Keyes and Baldwin have all made a run for our nation’s highest office!

5. Dazzle, at 930 Lincoln, will offer some dazzling hip-hop at 9 p.m. August 26. A benefit for Recreate 68, “Liberation Soiree” will feature both local artists and groups from New York City, and should be a great time to work out all the frustrations over street closings, lame protests and political windbaggery through sweaty dancing.

6. The We Are America DNC alliance, which will be marching for “just and humane immigration reform” on August 28, should be a more active affair than its August 25 counterpart. If it draws even half of the estimated 50,000 that the immigrants’ rights march drew in Denver in May 2006, it could be one of the biggest protests of the week. The march starts at 9 a.m. at Rudy Park and goes to Lincoln Park for a rally. It won’t be much of a protest against the Democrats (whose stance on the issue is only slightly more moderate than that of the organizers), but the energy of the event may carry all the way to Invesco Field at Mile High.

--James Anthofer

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