Six major layoffs at the Denver Post

Six major layoffs took place today at the Denver Post, with all of those involved in non-union positions. They are: Stephen Keating, the former editor of the Post's political website, PoliticsWest.com, who will continue to work on a project for Post-owner MediaNews Group; assistant city editor Cynthia Pasquale; assistant design director Ingrid Muller; online director Mark Cardwell; systems editor Erik Strom; and the biggest name of all, managing editor Gary Clark.

In a call moments ago, Clark, who has been employed by the Post since January 2003, confirmed the names above, and described the reasons for the move as "cost-cutting." He added, "I just wish the Denver Post well, and everybody who's still there. It's a fine group of journalists. They put out a good newspaper, and they've got to strive to make it great."

After the jump, read a memo from Post editor Greg Moore about the moves.

From: Moore, Greg

Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 3:25 PM

To: D-Post-All

Subject: A message from Greg Moore


Today, I gave separation packages to people who have meant a lot to this newspaper. Leaving us will be Gary Clark, Mark Cardwell, Erik Strom, Ingrid Muller, Stephen Keating (who will continue work on a project with MediaNews) and Cynthia Pasquale. Their last official day is Friday, though some of them understandably chose to leave this afternoon. Our colleagues will be deeply missed. These departures were forced by budget cuts I have to make. I had hoped to avoid having to make any more personnel reductions, but that was impossible. I want to thank each and every one of them for all their contributions to The Post. I will miss them all, but especially my right-hand man, Gary, whose hard work, dedication and friendship has meant the world to me.

I will have a staff meeting tomorrow at 4:30 to talk about this and other matters. I think you all know the financial challenges facing this industry and this newspaper. Today's action should drive it all home for you.



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