Skyrim and Oblivion, fantasy role-playing games, part of James Holmes inventory

Among the documents released yesterday in the Aurora theater shooting case was a wide-ranging inventory of the contents found in accused killer James Holmes's apartment.

We've got the complete list below. But among the more interesting items are three video games, none of which are the sort of realistic first-person shooter games most people (including those eager to blame actual tragedy on pop culture) probably expected.

Two of the games are part of the Elder Scrolls series. Here's the Wikipedia description of its setting:

The Elder Scrolls world can be described as one of high fantasy with medieval, roman and Nordic influences. Like most works of high or epic fantasy, the Elder Scrolls games are typically serious in tone and epic in scope, dealing with themes of grand struggle against a supernatural or evil force. Other characteristics typical of high fantasy fiction are common themes in the Elder Scrolls, such as demi-human races including elves, orcs and dwarves (a now-extinct race known as Dwemer), magic and sorcery, mythical creatures, factions with their own political agendas, walled medieval cities and strongholds, and plot elements driven by prophecies and legends. In accordance with many literary high fantasy works, the world of The Elder Scrolls is known for its attention to detail including well developed lore and back story. This includes a vast amount of information such as names, dates, and places that constitute its history and the interconnected structure of its various societies, cultures, and religions. Lore including histories and legends are contained in dozens of readable in-game books that are scattered throughout the game world.

The first of the games Holmes owned was Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Here's an image associated with the game....

...and here's another: This video should give you a feel for the game:

Also part of his collection was Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here's one piece of Skyrim art....

...and another: This is the official Skyrim trailer:

The third video game listed in the inventory, StarCraft, is something of a different breed from the Elder Scrolls titles, albeit one with fantasy elements at its core. It's a science-fiction game with a military bent.

Continue for more about the contents of James Holmes's apartment, including a complete inventory. Here's the set-up for StarCraft, from its Wiki page:

The overpopulation of Earth in the early 21st century has caused the international government to exile undesirable elements of the human race, such as criminals, the cybernetically enhanced and genetic mutants to colonize the far reaches of the galaxy. An attempt to colonize a nearby solar system goes wrong, resulting in humanity's arrival in the Koprulu Sector. In the distant Koprulu Sector of the galaxy, the exiles form several governments, but quickly fall into conflict with each other. One government, the Confederacy of Man, eventually emerges as the strongest faction, but its oppressive nature and brutal methods of suppressing dissidents stir up major rebel opposition in the form of a terrorist group called the Sons of Korhal. Just prior to the beginning of the game, in December 2499, an alien race possessing advanced technology and psionic power, the Protoss, makes first contact with humanity by destroying a Confederate colony world without any prior warning. Soon after this, the Terrans discover that a second alien race, the insectoid Zerg, has been stealthily infesting the surface of several of the Terran colonies, and that the Protoss are destroying the planets to prevent the Zerg from spreading. With the Confederacy threatened by two alien races and internal rebellion, it begins to crumble.

This is one StarCraft image....

and another: In addition, here's a StarCraft video:

A number of posters are cataloged as well, but only a few of them are specified. For instance, Holmes had a poster from the movie Pulp Fiction, as well as one described as a "Challenge poster." Google the latter phrase and you get images like this:

However, we know what an item listed as a "Soldiers of Misfortune" poster looks like, since it was seen in news photographs as law enforcers went through the apartment after the attack on the Aurora Century 16, which killed twelve people and injured seventy. This is a look at it: Other notable listings include a variety of medication, including Sertraline, the generic version of the antidepressant Zoloft, plenty of liquor and, more ominously, a huge cache of ammunition and unknown powders thought to be part of an attempt to rig the apartment to explode.

Continue for the complete inventory, along with the original court document. James Holmes apartment inventory:


1. Ecyber Power PC -- Tower Computer 2. Netgear PTVU 1000 PC Adapter 3. Le Pan Tablet Computer with power cord 4. Fandango movie receipt 5. Lenovo Idea Centre K230 Tower computer 6. Dark unknown powder 7. White powder 8. 2 jars of bullets approximate 323 9. 2 small pressurized tanks 10. Black plastic spheres with fuses 11. Toshiba Satellite L505 Laptop with power cord 12. Orange wire 13. 2 bags of black plastic spheres 14. Trash can contents 15. Launch control 16. Control panel 17. Remington rifle box 18. Craftsman gas gorch 19. Batman mask 20. Sorted wire -- three varieties 21. Wire and thumb tack 22. Tactical magazine pouch with three full clips approximately 39 rounds each 23. Tactical magazine pack with two Glock clips 13 rounds each 24. 151 (approximately) rounds of Remington 12-gauge slugs 25. Approximately 497 gold dot and blazer 40 caliber rounds 26. Wall calendar 27. One Glock pistol case 28. One Glock pistol case 29. Winchester 12-gauge plus Remington 12-gauge shells approximately 244 30. Ammo can with approximately 360 rifle rounds 31. One glowstick and Coleman package 32. Motorola cable modem 33. Stove top pan 34. Stove top pan 35. Vent filter 36. Funnels 37. Metal and spoon 38. Miscellaneous metal strips 39. Metal files 40. Three rolls of tape 41. Box of electric igniters 42. Netgear Bush 2 TV adapter 43. Tools 44. Bag of hobby fuse 45. Black spray paint can 46. Dust mask and safety glasses 48. CPU fan 49. Launch controller 50. LED light 51. Black plastic rings 52. Red/green/blue flashlights 53. Thermos top 54. Shoes and gloves 55. Tactical mirror 56. Rotella oil 57. Penzoil bottle 58. Two bottles of oil 59. Lease paperwork 60. Pharmacy paper 81 [sic]. Index card with supply list 82. Two index cards with chemical formulas 83. Le Pan TC 970 box plus two-gig memory card 84. One business car [sic], miscellaneous gun pamphlets and miscellaneous documents 85. Approximately two rifle rounds, one Glock back strap, gun-cleaning kit, approximately 36 rifle founds 86. Passport and contact-lens case 87. Ammo can 88. 4SB medic drive 89. Gasoline tag 90. Air fresheners 91. Gun cleaning brush.... 92. Paper targets 94 [sic]. Remote control 95. Zebco monofilament, empty bottle of potassium permanganate 96. One attached USB media drive, one Dane Electric 512 MB media drive 97. A sight mark 98. Black unknown powder 99. Metal chips

Continue for the rest of the list, including the drug inventory, plus the original document. LIST TWO:

Cans of Coors Light -- 26 Cans of Bud Light -- 3 Bottles of Bud Light -- 3 Bottle of Coors Light -- 1 Bottles of Blue Moon -- 12 Bottle of Miller High Life -- 1 Bottle of Bacardi.... -- 1 Bottle of Jim Beam Black -- 1 Biology -- 7th Edition Principles of Biochemistry, 5th Edition Neuoscience, 3rd Edition Molecular Biology, 6th Edition Psychology Neuron to Brain, 4th Edition Essentials of Neural Science The Cell, 5th Edition [?} Neurobiology Basic Statistics [?] Essential Psychopharmacology The Developing Human, 8th Edition Memory, 2nd Edition Starfist paperback Poster from refrigerator Poster from living room -- north Framed Poster living room -- west Poster from dinging room Red poster with symbol -- kitchen Poster from hall wall -- north Pulp Fiction poster -- bedroom Challenge poster Skyrim poster -- bedroom south Soldiers of Misfortune poster -- bedroom Cardboard [?] -- bath closet Columbia hat -- living room TV stand Lens box from kitchen trash School papers -- bedroom drawer School papers -- bedroom drawer Vehicle papers -- bedroom closet Comcast papers -- living room drawer Paperwork -- backpack U.S. currency California Ed paperwork CU lanyard Key ring with three keys Key ring with one key Blue transcript -- backpack Two pencils Two pens {?] refills Two erasers SV battery Key tag Pan lock Contact lens case with lens Packet of tissues Two business cards Plastic bottle (See drugs)


Sertraline bottle -- bathroom Lotradine bottle -- bathroom Clonazepam bottle -- bathroom Ibuprofen bottle -- bathroom Tussin DM bottle with liquid -- bathroom Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen -- empty -- bathroom Fluticasone Propionate spray -- bathroom Gift bag -- hall closet Discs -- CD -- hall closet Documents -- hall closet Receipt -- kitchen trash Envelopes -- kitchen trash Gun locks -- dresser drawer Petri dish -- bedroom closet

Gray sunglasses Red sunglasses Black sunglasses Lens box from kitchen trash Photo mousepad -- hall closet Packet of notes -- hall closet Tape dispenser -- hall closet Skyrim DVD game -- hall closet Oblivion game -- hall closet Star Craft game -- hall closet.... Brain chart -- back south wall

CD -- bedroom closet floor Documents from backpack Vehicle papers from bedroom closet.... Notebook from backpack Notebook from backpack Binder from backpack File from backpack

Search Warrant 1690 North Paris Street #10

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.