Sleepover Stu: Shmuck of the Week

For the Drunken Horny Man, women do have a tendency to blend together, especially when that man is young and unpolished in the arena of managing his drunken woman-chasing.

But still, Stu. You gotta stay in the right bed.

As Michael Roberts reported on Monday, a young woman recently had the unpleasant experience of a strange man climbing into bed with her. Added bonus: He was naked.

After screaming, bolting, and calling the cops, it was determined that her visitor -- later identified as young Stu -- was in the right house, but the wrong bed. He'd come home with his unsuspecting bed-partner's roommate, and then apparently ambled into the wrong bedroom.

Booze: It's a helluva drug.

Approached by the cops, Wilkinson didn't go easily -- it took the threat of a taser to get him calm enough to be cuffed. That explains the charge of obstructing a police officer, to go with a minor-in-possession charge.

It also explains his Shmuck of the Week award. Congrats, Sleepover Stu!

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