Some required reading by Adam Cayton-Holland

Adam Cayton-Holland, who was among the writers laid off at Westword yesterday, is best known for his "What's So Funny?" column -- a natural outlet for someone who's developed into one of the area's most acclaimed young standup comics. A prime example: his October article about surviving a cougar attack. But he also did more than his fair share of long-form feature writing. Last September, he profiled Krisi Burton, the 21-year-old sponsor of the so-called Personhood Amendment, which was defeated at the polls shortly thereafter. His 2007 offering "The Last Battle" documented the story of Lance Hering, a since-reappeared Marine who faked his own disappearance. And this past June, in "Curtain Call," he detailed the life and times of Don Becker, a comedian from another era who came to a tragic end.

No such destination for Cayton-Holland, who's obviously bound for bigger things despite yesterday's downturn. -- Michael Roberts


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