Source: 23 more layoffs at Clear Channel Denver

A reliable source reveals that 23 part-time or fulltime employees at Clear Channel Denver were laid off today as part of the San Antonio-based firm's second series of cuts this year. (The number is confirmed by KOA Morning News host Steffan Tubbs on his Twitter feed.) Many of those impacted worked in off-air capacities such as accounting, but a handful of on-air personalities reportedly received pink slips. The biggest name: The G-Man, a staple of the Rick Lewis-Michael Floorwax morning show on The Fox for nineteen years.

A blog published earlier today pointed out that an all-staff meeting of Clear Channel Denver employees was called for this afternoon amid reports of layoffs in addition to significant cuts announced in January. Over the past hour, word of cuts nationwide has filtered out, with AllAccess.com, a subscription service focusing on the radio industry, reporting "the loss of 590 positions, just over 3 percent of the company," with job losses "in programming, on-air, engineering, information technology and business office posts such as accounting and customer service."

Attempts to reach The G-Man are ongoing. In the meantime, those Clear Channel Denver staffers lucky enough to still have their jobs undoubtedly are hoping cluster boss Lee Larsen's is correct. In announcing the layoffs, he said these should be the last trims for the foreseeable future.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.