Speak Your Mind

Later today (Thursday) there will be a complete slideshow of last night's Tamarac Square Fashion Project. Can't wait until then to tell the judges who you think should have won Challenge #3? Post your comments below. (You'll have to wait for the slideshow to see who actually won!)

Any comments will count as "votes" for the Cat's Pajamas People's Choice Award given out on the runway each week. Once the slideshow is up, post your comments on that entry, please.

For Challenge #2, featuring oufits made from materials out of Ace Hardware, Deb Henriksen won Cat's award. She scored a $50 gift certificate to the Hornet and two movie tickets good at any Landmark Theater -- including right nextdoor at the Mayan. Congrats, Deb.

The previous week, Lisa Ramsfjord Elstun took home two tickets to Landmark, two tickets to Starz and two tickets to Comedy Works. Way to go, Lisa.

For a look at last week's runway show, click here.

For a refresher on the first challenge, click here.

Who will be this week's People's Choice? Only you can tell the world...

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