Spencer Dinwiddie, CU Buffs basketball star, blacks out on stage during Obama speech

In all of the hoopla surrounding President Barack Obama's speech at CU-Boulder last night, as well as his crowd-pleasing, yogurt-spilling stop at The Sink, a favorite Boulder restaurant and student hangout, the media has thus far missed a side note involving hoops. To wit: Spencer Dinwiddie, one of the most exciting young players on the CU Buffs basketball team, blacked out while standing on stage as Obama delivered his address.

Here's an exchange confirming what happened from Dinwiddie's Twitter account:

One of my daughters, a CU student who attended the speech and also happens to be a big Buffs fan, was close enough to the stage at the Coors Events Center to see what happened, and it didn't surprise her. According to her, the ventilation in the arena was poor, the temperature warm and the air stagnant and stuffy -- and at a certain point, the attendees near her weren't allowed to get any water.

Presumably, the situation was even worse on stage, since those placed behind Obama (including at least one other Buffs star, Andre Roberson) had to remain standing. Not Dinwiddie, though. My eyewitness says he initially slumped down, then was moved to the end of the row before winding up in a seated position -- at which point a slew of Secret Service agents helped him scoot off the stage.

Is Dinwiddie okay? He wrote "yeah" in response to Twitter correspondent Trey Eckloff, who tweeted back a comic fake-cover of the Boulder Daily Camera about the incident:

By the way, CU assistant sports information director Andrew Green, who handles PR for the men's basketball program at the university, hadn't heard about Dinwiddie's woozy moment until he got a call from yours truly. He's checking on details, and if and when he gathers more, we'll update this post.

Update, 12:27 p.m. April 25: Just heard back from Andrew Green, who texted Spencer Dinwiddie and asked if he's okay. His answer: "Yeah, I'm good."

In the meantime, does anyone out there have video of Dinwiddie's swoon? Let us know.

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