Spring, With Relish

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"My brothers are a sheriff's deputy and a fireman," he soon resumes. "My father is a computer database jockey, and everyone in my family was so worried about what Jeordon was going to do with his life. And when they found out it was a hotdog stand -- oh, boy. But they had all stood in line for hotdogs at the lumberyard, so they began to think I might be okay.

"And I am okay," he decides. "I've looked at a half-dozen harebrained schemes, and this is by far the best. In this case, the moron who tells me to do something is me, so I tend to understand how his mind works."

Now the lunch rush begins in earnest -- the men from the cabinet departments, the women from the cash registers, the stay-at-home moms on a Martha Stewart binge. To every one of them, Little says, "May I help you?"

In every case, he can.

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