Stan Garnett urges John Suthers to help MMJ grower Chris Bartkowicz: That's likely!

Tonight, several medical marijuana attorneys host a fundraiser for Boulder DA Stan Garnett, who's challenging Attorney General/MMJ-law hater John Suthers. Garnett's now publicly criticizing a ruling forbidding marijuana grower Chris Bartkowicz from using a medical defense in his high-profile case. In a release, Garnett also urges Suthers to intercede with the feds on Bartkowicz's behalf. Yeah, sure. See the statement below:

Bartkowicz Deserves Fair Application of Colorado Law

SEPTEMBER 23 -- Attorney General candidate Stan Garnett said today that the ongoing federal prosecution in Denver of medical marijuana grower Christopher Bartkowicz highlights his belief that currently, this complex issue is best dealt with primarily through land-use regulation, rather than the criminal courts. This prosecution, which threatens Mr. Bartkowicz with decades in prison for an activity he believed to be sanctioned under Colorado law as it was currently written, is unjust and unnecessary.

"John Suthers, a professed supporter of states' rights, and obligated as the current Attorney General to defend Colorado law, should call on the U.S. Attorney to promptly and fairly reach a proportionate and just resolution of this case," Garnett said. "Colorado needs thoughtful leadership on these complex legal matters. Mr. Suthers' commitment to states' rights and federalism is selective, and he raises the issue only if it comports with his socially conservative views."

In case after case, the incumbent Attorney General has argued for the supremacy of states' rights, although a closer look at his record reflects that when he moves to defend them, he does so in a fashion clearly meant only to satisfy the conservative wing of his political party - his opposition to gun laws, taking a swipe at gay rights, or the challenge to health care reform being just a few of the examples. If his defense of states' rights is solid and sincere, the incumbent should stand equally strong in his defense of Colorado's Amendment 20, said Garnett.

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