Steeler DeAngelo Williams's Tweets Sh*t on Peyton Manning on Retirement Day

As we noted in a post about the Brock Osweiler woman-pushing video published a short time ago, the retirement speech delivered by Peyton Manning yesterday received rave reviews in the sports press.

But his Super Bowl-winning season earned a thumbs-down from DeAngelo Williams.

A running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Williams spent much of his day on Twitter ripping Manning's final campaign and battling with commenters who questioned his timing, his own accomplishments and plenty more.

Williams is no one-dimensional hate machine. Indeed, he's well known for lending his voice and his image to the fight against breast cancer, a disease that's impacted his mother and other family members.

For these actions, Williams has justly earned praise — but he didn't offer many compliments in regard to Manning's last lap.

The following tweet set off the debate thanks to its blunt message and use of emoticons denoting putrid crap.

Tweeters on the Peyton bandwagon quickly took notice and fired back. One person wrote: "He was better than all the QBs you had Cam, Pike, delhomme, and clause. Didn't y'all have St. Pierre as well?"

Here's Williams's reply:

Another person responded: "If @DeAngeloRB thinks Jimmy Clausen was ever better than Peyton Manning, the league should drug test him daily."

To that, Williams shot back with statistics about Clausen, a former Notre Dame hurler who's failed to make a significant mark in the NFL thus far....

...before adding this....

...and this:

The invective pissed off another message-sender, as witnessed by this tweet: "So negative. I used to be a fan. Feel like I can't wear 34 anymore."

That didn't bother Williams, who commented like so:

This judgment was even harsher: "100 years from now Manning name will be on buildings — your name will be on a gravestone."

Nonetheless, Williams shrugged off the insult, tweeting this:

But he took umbrage to the person who tweeted, "Break a leg next year! Literally. Overrated trash ass."

His comeback:

Rather than playing the sympathy card, however, he brought the conversation to a de facto conclusion with the following graphic.

We're guessing even Peyton Manning might have found that funny.

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