Stuff It!

New Hampshire votes today, but Denver still has plenty of work to do before February 5, or Super Duper Tuesday as it’s known, when Colorado and 23 other states pick their nominees for president. The Democratic Party, especially, needs to build a massive base of volunteers, and not just wonks who can use the word caucus as a noun, a verb and an adjective. They need people to stuff envelopes, post signs and shuttle paperwork. And that's just the beginning, because by the time the Democratic National Convention rolls into town in August – along with 35,000 guests – the party will need a small city of 10,000 volunteers, according to Sondra Williams, volunteer for the convention’s host committee.

On Monday night, the Williams and the Denver dems hosted an orientation for would-be volunteers at the state party office on Santa Fe Drive. And contrary to the rumor one attendee heard, you don't have to donate a penny to the host committee to be accepted into the village (although the committee surely wouldn’t mind if you did). Some of the jobs that could be available: staffing the 1200-1500 events that expected to take place; greeting, credentialing and assuaging 15,000 media members; driving delegates and others to and fro and to again; and staffing the city’s 311 information line, which could go 24/7 service during the convention. The best part? Volunteer training will be provided by Dale Carnegie’s training institute, which means Colorado will be at the top of its game when it comes to making friends and influencing people. -- Jonathan Shikes

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