Stuff Journalists Like: A disturbing look into the mind of newsies

Journalists are an unusual bunch. We complain about our godawful pay and long hours, but we also live for such things. We make fun of all the self-indulgent and pointless press awards we constantly bestow upon each other, but if we don't get any ourselves, we quietly mope for weeks. And while we spend nearly every waking hour reporting on what others are up to, deep down we'd all prefer to talk about ourselves and our fellow journalists.

To celebrate these strange newsroom tendencies (as well as engage in every reporter's favorite pastime, navel gazing), Greeley newspapermen Christopher Ortiz and David Young have launched the site Stuff Journalists Like. The endeavor is modeled on the hit Caucasian-skewering website Stuff White People Like, and it's every bit as hilariously astute and uncomfortably accurate.

The several dozen entries they've posted are all dead on (and judging from their numbering system, it looks like they don't plan wrap it up anytime soon). Yes, as the website points out, we reporters like writing standing up (it's the only skill we have); we like swag (some day that emergency radio we got in our Democratic National Convention swag bag will come in handy); we like the HBO show The Wire (because it was made by one of us!); and, of course, we like procrastinating (I'm writing this blog, for example, just before I leave for vacation).

So there you have it. If you liked this blog, please post lots of effusive comments celebrating me. That's because journalists like getting smoke blown up their asses most of all. - Joel Warner

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