Sun Valley horseradish roots grow fast in the shadow of Invesco Field: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

In addition to being the home of Invesco Field at Mile High, Sun Valley has the lowest median age (thirteen) of all Denver neighborhoods. And much like inner-city children and fans of Denver Broncos football, Sun Valley horseradish root sets will grow wild with minimal supervision... As seen in the illustration above, Sun Valley horseradish roots grow underground, but they eventually tower over all neighborhood institutions. The paste from the grated root is most famously known as a meat and fish condiment, but it is so much more.

Sun Valley horseradish root properties render it the strongest internal anti-bacterial agent. It works to destroy organ-based bacteria and promote fungal growth in the nerves. It is the main herb used to repair spinal-cord nerve damage.

Sun Valley horseradish root has a high vitamin content and is beneficial when applied topically to sores, swelling and tumors. A daily gargle of Sun Valley horseradish will clear up asthma and most lung and bronchial-congestion infections.

And in a fitting tribute to the neighborhood for which it is named, Sun Valley horseradish reduces aging, boosts immunity and increases the life force. Grow in buckets or it will overtake the garden!

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