Superman and camo shark succumb to the Denver heat wave: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

Yard Arteology: The study of neighbors through their lawn decoration... Just when I was hoping Superman would visit Denver and cool down the weather with a mighty blast of his awesome Freeze Breath, I see him sprawled out on top of a camoflage shark and trying to beat the heat like so much kryptonite on a Highland neighborhood porch... A close examination of the two pictures above suggests that the plush figure pair may be suffering from more than heat prostration. The plushies pictured above are each the size of a college co-eds. What toddler could even pick them up and drag them to the porch, much less lift and arrange them onto a bench that is chained and padlocked to an adjacent glider?

The size of these "toys" intimates that they are the "playthings" of much larger "children." The care and condition of the furniture on the porch implies that this may be the home of unrefined bachelors. Storing the plushies on the porch furniture may hint that the evenings have been too warm this last month for the residents of this home to keep their colorful body pillows in their beds.

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