Suzanne Warmington, daycare teacher, busted for pulling knife on six year old

Update below: Last year, the decision of a Lakewood Police officer to pepper spray an eight year old made national news. But at first blush, that incident seems mild in comparison with the charges leveled against daycare teacher Suzanne Warmington.

She's been accused of pulling a knife on one of her charges, age six.

Yes, you read that correctly. On May 21, Colorado Springs Police officers responded to an area daycare center to investigate a report that Warmington, 34, had whipped out a blade and pointed it in the direction of a child. An investigation commenced, and yesterday, Warmington was taken into custody and booked for felony menacing, plus child abuse and reckless endangerment.

What set off this incident? The CSPD isn't saying. According to spokeswoman Barbara Miller, corresponding via e-mail, "Our policies governing and protecting cases are much more strict than the courts. I was advised that due to the codes relating to children's crimes, and the fact that this is a continuing investigation, no other information will be released."

As such, we're left with the basic facts of the case and the following photos of Warmington, whose private Facebook page, featuring a profile photo of two giant dogs, provides little information beyond her fondness for Ellen DeGeneres and the TV series Rescue Me.

Update: The Colorado Springs Gazette obtained the arrest affidavit for Suzanne Warmington -- a document that provides details on this bizarre case. What led to her arrest? According to the report, a six-year-old girl approached Warmington to complain that her knee hurt.

Warmington's alleged response? She took out a pocket knife, put it against the girl's knee and snidely announced, "Here, let me cut it off."

According to the Gazette, the girl told investigators that Warmington's actions made her feel sad.

I know how she feels. Here's the shots of Warmington released by the CSPD.

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