Suzanne Williams, Colorado State Senator, involved in fatal car crash

Colorado State Senator Suzanne Williams was driving her Honda CR-V near the Texas panhandle town of Channing on Sunday night when she swerved into oncoming traffic and collided head on with a GMC Yukon. Thirty-year-old Brianna Michelle Gomez, who was seven months pregnant and a passenger in the Yukon, died early Monday morning as a result of the crash.

Eric Gomez, who was driving the Yukon, was treated and released from the hospital, as were the two children in the car, Mali Elise Gomez, 6, and Eleri Kate Gomez, 4. Brianna's son was delivered via Cesarian Section and was listed in critical condition as of early this morning. All of the Gomez's were wearing seat belts.

Williams's 41-year-old son and two young grandchildren were also in her car. Seven-year-old Tyler Williams and 3-year-old Tristan Williams were released from the hospital, and Willam's son Todd was listed in stable condition as of yesterday. Williams was wearing a seat belt, but none of the passengers in the car were. Todd and Tyler were both thrown from the vehicle.

The Texas Highway Patrol said Williams swerved into traffic "for an unknown reason." Williams told 9News she doesn't remember much of the crash. She also told the reporter that she "didn't have time" to answer the question of why no one else in her car had a seat belt on.

Williams, who has served for six years in the State Senate, is the Vice-Chair of the Transportation Committee. She is the sponsor of Senate Bill 10-110 -- Primary Seat Belt Law. The full text of that bill can be read here. It deals with defining and enforcing proper restraint for children.

The Texas State Patrol says it could take up to three weeks before any criminal charges will be filed.

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