SWAT Team Standoff at 32nd and Osage: Suspect in Custody, Baby Safe

Just a week after a SWAT team standoff in Greenwood Village that resulted in the destruction of a home where a suspect had taken refuge, more officers in military gear were deployed in the metro area to deal with a man who barricaded himself in a residence.

And for part of the crisis, he had a baby with him, reportedly owing to an ongoing custody dispute.

Fortunately, the situation was concluded without the use of explosives or a breaching ram — tools deployed in the Greenwood Village situation involving Walmart shoplifter Robert Seacat. The baby is safe and the thus-far-unidentified man is in custody.

The first official word about the incident came just after 6 p.m. yesterday via this Denver Police Department tweet.

However, 9News reports that the initial call came in at around 4:45 p.m. — a request to check on a child in an apartment building at 32nd and Osage. The area is captured in the following interactive graphic; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View on Google Maps."

According to the station, negotiations with the man, who was with his six-month-old child, stretched on for a half an hour or so before additional units were dispatched.

The reasons given for the show of force include the man's criminal past. He's said to have been wanted on numerous felony warrants.

Streets in the area were shut down, as was the 20th Street exit on I-25.

Meanwhile, police continued to speak with the suspect as his relatives and others gathered nearby. Here's one image from the scene courtesy of Fox31.....

...and another.....

...and a third....

....and one more:

The man's subsequent decision to surrender the baby to authorities didn't end the standoff. More time passed before the DPD was finally able to send a wrap-up tweet, nearly three hours after the previous one shared above:

The man was taken away from the scene on a stretcher due to non-life-threatening injuries. He apparently harmed himself with a knife.

The DPD didn't get a breather after that. Just prior to 5 a.m., the parking lot connecting to the emergency entrance of Denver Health was overrun by police and emergency vehicles, with another cruiser located across the street from Westword's 969 Broadway location. The reason? An incident near 10th and Acoma that's delineated in the following Twitter message:

It's definitely starting to feel like summer in the city. Look below to see a Fox31 piece about the 32nd and Osage standoff.

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