Tailgating Top 10: CU makes the list on a technicality

Congratulations, CU. Bleacher Report's Dan Scofield just named Boulder one of the ten best college-football cities in America to tailgate.

Make that number ten. And, unfortunately, this achievement is tainted to some degree by the fact that CU made the list only because the University of Georgia didn't, "thanks to the recent news of Georgia heavily restricting tailgaters in their pregame festivities," Scofield writes.

Granted, Scofield has high praise for Boulder's "unique scenery, high elevation, and for being an awesome place to start your Saturday of football." But the rest of his item has a certain grading-on-the-curve feel.

For instance, he maintains that Folsom Field is a hot spot in town and the "state for that matter" during football season in part because there's "not much left to do in the beginning of fall in Boulder" -- a moronic statement if ever there was one.

Later, he warns people not to "mistake Folsom Field for being a weak pregame experience," even though "it might not have the excitement or party scene of a Southern SEC team."

Cool it with the compliments, pal. You're getting overheated...

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