Take a Video Tour of Peyton Manning Retirement Community, Peaceful Pockets

Quarterback Brock Osweiler's performance against the Bears this past Sunday helped lead to a Broncos win — and has convinced many fans that he should replace Peyton Manning on a longer-term, and perhaps permanent, basis.

Osweiler has already been named the starter in the Broncos' next contest against the undefeated New England Patriots — a development that could fall into the be-careful-what-you-wish-for category.

Meanwhile, NBC Sports suggests that Manning isn't resigned to simply fading away. The network cites a source that says he's determined to get healthy so he can return to the playing field not just this year, but for the 2016 season as well.

That hasn't stopped folks from assuming that he's done, however, as witnessed by this hilarious video satire — a faux promotion touting "Peaceful Pockets," a retirement community for quarterbacks Manning's age that includes such activities as "acting," "singing," "shopping," "exercise," rapping," "family time" and "more acting."

We're not ready to write off Peyton yet — but if he's got to hang up his sheriff's badge, there are a lot worse places to do it than this.

Here's the clip.

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