Taste of Colorado Drinking Game: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Rules of the Game:

Make your annual end-of-summer people watching trek to the Taste of Colorado more tasteful by taking the listed number of drinks (below) from your beer or wine whenever you see these classic Civic Center characters...

Take one drink

whenever you hear a


cover song being played by an aging rocker in a black beret (above left), or if you see a mother-daughter pair wearing identical

Forever 21

outfits (above right). Below, when to take two drinks...

Take two drinks

whenever you catch a glimpse of ass crack peeking above an Aztec dancer's maxtlatl (above left), or when witnessing an unattentive parent rolling a stroller over the sandaled toes of a stranger (above right). Below, sights made for drink slamming...

Take three drinks

whenever spotting a man in an ankle bracelet who is also wearing his sunglasses above his eyeballs (above left);

Gulp entire drink

whenever you sight a tattooed pregnant woman holding a turkey leg in one hand and a snow cone in theother (above right).

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