Tausha Marsh pleads guilty to faking cancer -- but web pages asking for donations are still online

Back in April, we told you about Tausha Marsh, a Fort Collins woman accused of faking cancer in order to collect thousands of dollars in donations. At that time, many of those writing on her Facebook wall defended her. Typical is this note, left on April 12: "Happy Birthday to Taush! We love you!! When you are able to discuss your side of the case, all of this hogwash will be history! Here's to many more years!!"

Could those years be spent in jail? Don't know yet -- but Marsh reportedly pleaded guilty last week to felony charitable fraud and misdemeanor forgery. Remarkably, however, MySpace and Facebook pages devoted to raising funds for her mythical ailment remain online at this writing, complete with plaintive requests for donations.

Please don't give generously. Look below to read the pitch on Marsh's Facebook page, as well as photos of her with family and friends who may or may not be pissed as hell at her actions.

From the Facebook page:

Tausha Marsh Support Group

Tausha Marsh, 28, has been fighting bone cancer for four years and has been recently diagnosed with cervical cancer. Doctors in the U.S. have not given her a positive outlook, however she has been accepted as a patient by a cancer specialist in Amsterdam. This doctor specializes in alternative cancer treatments. She will be moving to the clinic early July 2008 and anticipates staying for 1 year for treatments.

Cancer treatments are very expensive, and her doctor here in the U.S. estimates she will need $300,000 to cover treatments in Europe and to pay off her past medical bills. She needs all the support that she can get: thoughts, prayers and monetary donations are greatly appreciated.

Tausha is a loving, energetic woman who is full of life. She graduated from Western State College of Colorado in 2004. Throughout her four years there, she was a scholarship player on the intercollegiate volleyball team, a walk-on for the basketball team for a year, and was very involved in the art department where she studied photography, painting, and graphic design.

After graduation, she moved to Ft. Collins where she owns a photography business. In addition to her company, Tausha is frequently called to share her understanding and love for Special Education students and challenged groups within the area high schools. As an advid volleyball player, Tausha shares her talents through coaching at Loveland High School and in the Colorado State University Club Volleyball program.

We will be hosting fundraising events on the Front Range of Colorado and in Gunnison, CO - stay tuned for dates and times.

Thank you for your support. Let's help Tausha beat this and become healthy again!

Page down for more photos:

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