#StayStrongTaylor: Twitter Nation Backs Taylor Swift in Groping Trial

Taylor Swift, as seen in one of the many GIFs shared under the #StayStrongTaylor hashtag.
Taylor Swift, as seen in one of the many GIFs shared under the #StayStrongTaylor hashtag. @karolsevillapl
Jury selection for the Taylor Swift-DJ David Mueller trial got under way August 7 in U.S. District Court in Denver and is continuing today, with national and international media operations closely monitoring developments in a story that involves dueling accounts of alleged bottom-touching prior to a June 2013 Pepsi Center concert. But this activity seems positively sluggish in comparison to the explosion of activity on Twitter, where Swift supporters are rallying under the hashtag #StayStrongTaylor.

Right now, multiple tweets backing Swift are popping up every minute from the United States and plenty of foreign countries. For example, the pro-Taylor contingent in Poland seems particularly strong and vocal. Some of the messages are confined to text and emojis, but others boast single images, collages or GIFs of Swift, supplemented with praise for her very public stand, as well as her promise to donate any money she might receive as a result of the proceedings to organizations that fight sexual assault.

As you can see from the collection of recent missives below, Mueller is the equivalent of He Who Cannot Be Named in these tweets. Meanwhile, Swift is being backed by fans of every stripe. One tweet comes from a group devoted to Harry Styles, the former One Direction member who was once romantically involved with the singer.

Here's a #StayStrongTaylor sampling, starting with a T.S. ribbon that's currently ubiquitous among Swift's backers.

to all those fuckers who dares to try and put the blame on taylor: #StayStrongTaylor

ayo @chagsub
i was a swiftie since 2012 so this really breaks my heart...i really hope she's doing good now and that ass goes to jail #StayStrongTaylor

Brewgan @Brewgan
I'm not a pop music fan, but I am entirely sick of women being punished for refusing to be groped. BELIEVE WOMEN! #StayStrongTaylor

hood girl @Alba_Sunshiner
We'll always be here for you. You'll get through this, you're strong, we love you @taylorswift13 #StayStrongTaylor

TaylorSwiftOwnsMyAss @tayswifteen_
but you had to know,that it was who felt nothing but happiness,pride and love at that moment. #staystrongtaylor #staystrongtaylorswift

sophy @lmaosophy
#StayStrongTaylor nobody deserves to be sexually assauted !
#WeLoveYouTaylor <3

Whitney @WhitTay13
@taylorswift13 Thinking about you today and sending extra love and support. Proud of you babe! #IStandWithTaylor #StayStrongTaylor

Ramya varshini @03_ramya
@taylorswift13 u were there for us before ! We are there for u now!!And we will be there for u always!! Love u Tay !! #staystrongtaylor

Back To You? @hejka_styles69

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