Tebow! Tebow! And five other nicknames for Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Sports Authority Field at Mile High is certainly a more appropriate name for Denver's football stadium now that Invesco has become an obscure financial firm that nearly collapsed during the recession. Sports Authority, after all, is based in Colorado and was born from the stalwart Gart Brothers company. But Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Well, it's a mouthful.

Just the word "Authority" alone has four syllables.

What we need are some nicknames to make it easier -- and no, "just Mile High," isn't what I'm talking about. Those days are over, grandpa -- even if our governor once led a campaign to keep it that way. And we're not calling the place "Tebow! Tebow!," either, despite the chants and the impending anti-Kyle Orton billboard that is going to make Denver look like yokel-town -- again.

Here's a list of five possible nicknames for Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

The Authority Yes, it's four syllables, but it's better than nine. And the word has a nice, tough ring to it, even if the Broncos themselves don't.

Hgihelim It's Mile High spelled backwards! Get it! Like Sniagrab? After all, the Broncos win total has certainly been at least 75 percent off.

The Sports Castle Most people don't know that the Sports Authority location at 10th Avenue and Broadway was once known as the Sports Castle. But it was. And it's still a good name.

Not Dick's Sporting Goods Park Do we think Sports Authority was jealous of Dick's Sporting Goods Park (an infinitely more ridiculous sounding stadium)? Come to think of it, Big Five Field at Mile High doesn't sound that bad! (Kidding, seriously.)

The SAM or the SAMH Take the first letters of Sports Authority and Mile High and this is what you get. At least it's easy to say.

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