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Ten best things for Barack Obama to do if he gets snowed in during Denver visit (PHOTOS)

Barack Obama is returning to Denver for a fundraiser and a jobs speech on the Auraria campus. And if the storm forecast to hit the area this evening and continue through most of tomorrow lives up to its advance billing, he may be here for a while.

If Obama gets snowed in, how should he spend his time? We've got ten suggestions.

10. Declare Denver Boot Freedom Day No more clamp-downs -- at least until springtime! 9. Visit Occupy Denver Can he convince occupiers that he actually cares most about the 99 percent? Probably not -- but he might earn points for trying. 8. Promote green transportation What better way to demonstrate his antipathy for fossil fuels than a little urban skiing? 7. Talk Jon Embree off the ledge During CU's last few losses, Embree has looked to be on the verge of a cerebral hemorrhage. Maybe the prez could teach him a thing or two about dealing with stress. 6. Pray with Tim Tebow The Chosen One clearly knows a thing or two about making a comeback... 5. Eat some Rocky Mountain oysters It'd be a great way to endear himself to locals -- even those who wouldn't try this delicacy on a Fear Factor reboot. 4. Brewpub hop Denver is blessed with some of the best handcrafted beers in the nation. Bet a certain governor could recommend one or two good ones. 3. Join the Fray Imagine how much more popular your health plan would be with "How to Save a Life" as its theme song. 2. Get a job If you're here to boost your job plan, get to work! Bet there's some shoveling that needs to be done. 1. Dispense with preconceptions Had it with complaints about the contradictions between state and federal marijuana laws? You could break them down with one public puff. Bet it'd make you feel a lot better about being snowed in.

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