Ten Denver Neighborhoods With the Highest Crime Density So Far in 2015

In recent weeks, we've reported about a number of gang-related shootings in the Denver area, with a particular focus on incidents that took place in the Cole and Park Hill neighborhoods.

But high-profile offenses like these don't necessarily mean crime as a whole is more prevalent in these parts of the city than others, as we discovered when we examined data supplied by the Denver Police Department crime map, an extremely handy and easy to use tool for learning more about different parts of the city.

We looked at total crimes from January 1 to May 11. Included are violent crime (murder, robbery and aggravated assault), property crime (arson, larceny, burglary, auto theft and theft from motor vehicles) as well as the DPD's "other crimes" category (drugs and alcohol, public disorder, white collar crime and other crimes against persons). Then we ranked the neighborhoods by crime density per square mile, as opposed to the number of offenses.

Here's the photo-illustrated list of the ten Denver neighborhoods with the highest crime density thus far in 2015.

Number 10: Barnum
Offense Count, January 1-May 11, 2015: 277
Crime Density: 359.27 per square mile

Number 9: Lincoln Park
Offense Count, January 1-May 11, 2015: 548
Crime Density: 429.47 per square mile

Number 8: Cole
Offense Count, January 1-May 11, 2015: 256
Crime Density: 500.00 per square mile

Number 7: West Colfax
Offense Count, January 1-May 11, 2015: 544
Crime Density: 541.83 per square mile

Number 6: East Colfax
Offense Count, January 1-May 11, 2015: 594
Crime Density: 555.66 per square mile

Number 5: Cheesman Park
Offense Count, January 1-May 11, 2015: 310
Crime Density: 588.24 per square mile

Number 4: Five Points
Offense Count, January 1-May 11, 2015: 1384
Crime Density: 787.26 per square mile

Number 3: Union Station
Offense Count, January 1-May 11, 2015: 460
Crime Density: 1047.84 per square mile

Number 2: Capitol Hill
Offense Count, January 1-May 11, 2015: 744
Crime Density: 1100.59 per square mile

Number 1: Central Business District
Offense Count, January 1-May 11, 2015: 980
Crime Density: 2273.78 per square mile
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