Ten of Denver's Most Economically Integrated Neighborhoods

The folks at Redfin Research Center recently highlighted the most economically integrated neighborhoods in major cities around the country, including Denver.

And how does the site define an "economically integrated" neighborhood? One in which homes in a variety of prices ranges attract residents with different income levels — or, as author Eric Scharnhorst puts it, "where swanky homes share the curb with starter condos."

Redfin features fifteen Denver neighborhoods, broken into three categories: "Affordable," "High-End" and "Balanced Mix."

Five "affordable" neighborhoods get perfect 100 percent scores: Westwood, Cole, Green Valley Ranch, Ruby Hill and Clayton. But the performances vary for "high-end" and "balanced mix" areas.

Count down the top five in each category below — and to see the original post, feature methodology and a great deal more information, click here.

High-End Area

Number 5: Cherry Creek
Economically integrated score: 50 percent

Number 4: Belcaro
Economically integrated score: 54 percent

Number 3: Washington Park
Economically integrated score: 62 percent

Number 2: Country Club
Economically integrated score: 64 percent

Number 1: Bonnie Brae
Economically integrated score: 100 percent

Balanced Mix

Number 5: West Highland
Economically integrated score: 75 percent

Number 4: Sloan Lake
Economically integrated score: 76 percent

Number 3: Jefferson Park
Economically integrated score: 88 percent

Number 2: Highland
Economically integrated score: 97 percent

Number 1: Platt Park
Economically integrated score: 100 percent

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.