Ten things on your roof worse than a fox


the Denver Post reports

that a Park Hill homeowner named Ken was backing out of his driveway on Saturday when he spotted something strange on his roof. Was it a cardboard box? A cat? No, no. Upon closer inspection, Ken realized it was a fox! A tired fox, who yawned and lay down for a nap. By Sunday morning, Ken says the fox was gone.

But not before Ken captured a video appropriately entitled, "Fox on My Roof." See above.

While it's somewhat alarming to have a wild animal on your roof, we think Ken got off easy. Here's a list of ten worse things to spot on your roof on a Saturday morning.

10. A saber-toothed tiger.

9. A SWAT team.

8. Balloon Boy.

7. Any sort of burglar. But especially The Hamburglar.

6. Lady Gaga. (Again, this is just an excuse to link to the "Telephone" video.)

5. Your mother-in-law. Naked.

4. A killer icicle.

3. Derrick. Parts 1 and 2.

2. Saggy-Boob Electric Penis.

1. Godzilla. No, wait. Saggy-Boob Electric Penis would be worse.

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