Teri G. Sanchez is suburban superhero Brightonator: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Brightonator Real Name: Teri G. Sanchez; Occupation: Empire Builder; Suburb of Operations: Brighton; Hair: Electric; Eyes: Bright

Suburban superhero skills: Brightonator is a mutant with the superhuman ability to brighten the lives of all the people she coordinates at the Small Business Assistance Center of the Brighton Learning and Resource Center in the Brighton Economic Development Corporation Office.

Brightonator also staffs both the Workforce Development and Education committee as well as the Business Relations and Entrepreneurship committee.

Whether coordinating, developing, resourcing or assisting, she often creates a pulse of brightness so great that she could temporarily blind her fellow Brightonians with her brilliance. Instead, she uses her extra flashes of energy when engaged as the unofficial photographer for Downtown Brighton's annual Cuturefest celebration.

With her training in early childhood education, curriculum development and behavioral science, Brightonator has learned to use her brightness as a shield to deflect the doubts and fears of all the entrepreneurial hopefuls who seek her services as a Certified Bilingual Trainer of Trainers. Her potential to convert skilled laborers into successful businesspeople is unlimited.

Her coordinated efforts with associate Brightonians, especially Raymond H. Gonzalez, Nancy McLean, Manuel Esquibel and Jan Pawlowski to transform the Brighton Armory into a Cultural Center, now gives downtown Brighton all the tools it needs to build a bright new home where small business and community can thrive independently.

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Kenny Be
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