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Terrorists setting wildfires? Rumors heating up with Obama's visit

This has been one hot summer -- and it's bound to get even hotter. Tempers are flaring over the handling of the wildfires, and rumors are heating up over their possible cause: terrorists are setting the fires. And President Barack Obama's visit to the Waldo Canyon fire today is fanning the conspiracist theory flames.

The International Association of Fire Chiefs has issued a report on how terrorists can use fire as a weapon; a recent story posted on expands the concern to wildfires.

ABC had a report in early May. And Gwen Florio, who used to work for the Denver Post, moved the wildfire/terrorist theory into the mainstream media with a piece in the Missoulian -- the daily in the town that's home to the Smokejumper Visitor Center -- last month:

Terrorists who want to strike fear in the hearts of Americans would do well to set wildfires in Montana, al-Qaida advises in the most recent issue of its English-language magazine, Inspire.

"It is difficult to choose a better place other than in the valleys of Montana where the population increases rapidly," Inspire's "AQ Chef" columnist writes.

The magazine disappeared for a while after its founders, Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, were killed last year in a U.S. missile strike.

But it recently reappeared online, its grammatically challenged cover urging "It is of your freedom to ignite a firebomb." Inside, the AQ Chef gives three pages detailing the recipe for an "ember bomb" - along with the suggestion to deploy such bombs in Montana....

Last September, when Obama came to Denver on the third stop of a three-state political swing, and just four days after a major Homeland Security Exercise, rumors were flying that he was here to conduct a nuclear test, or take refuge in the dungeons of DIA from the Comet Elenin -- or both.

Rumors were flying again this spring, when news leaked out that twenty Russian soldiers would be training at Fort Carson -- and maybe doing secret maneuvers at DIA, some conspiracy theorists suggested. "There is no truth to the rumor that DIA is involved in a military exercise with the CIA and the Russian military; it is absolutely incorrect," airport spokeswoman Jenny Schiavone told us in May. "Conspiracy theorists continually surprise and delight us with creative tales that supposedly link our airport to government secrets."

Obama isn't going to DIA this trip; he's going directly to Springs. Or so his team says publicly. And now rumors are again flying that unnatural forces are at works in these fires. According to a Colorado Terror Alert tip sent out yesterday:

It can now be reported that many of the wildfires in the western United States have been started by highly trained and well equipped foreign terrorists. It can also be reported that these terrorists are also responsible for the numerous explosions that occured in Michigan on the 6th and 7th of June 2012. You may not of heard of the Michigan explosions as there has been a news blackout in place.

One of the major explosions in Michigan that sent radiation monitors thousands of times higher in two different locations was the result of a tactical nuclear weapon. The underground nuclear explosion and numerous smaller explosions, that were sometimes heard in rapid succession, were aimed at setting off the New Madrid Fault! The smaller explosions were created with scaler electromagnetic technology. Both the US and the USSR are known to have developed this type of tectonic plate weaponry.

The purpose of this e-mail is to expose those who were behind the attacks. For reports and background information on what actually took place in and around the Michigan Indiana border, visit the following sites. Link here, and additional link here.

It has now been revealed that the attacks were carried out by Russian Special Forces who were brought into the USA under the guise of joint training excercises with the US Military. There is plenty of corroborating eyewitness testimony following the prophetic warning you are about to read. There are also descriptions of the expensive motorhomes the terrorists are travelling in.

Please forward this information to local law enforcement, local news outlets and to your State and Municipal Governments and to alternative news websites. Do not waste your efforts contacting the Federal Government or the National Media, it will do you no good. Treason is rampant at the highest levels in the Federal government and also at the Pentagon. Regional law enforcement need to be on the lookout for the types of vehicles described in the testimony below. Get to work people and get these warnings out there!

Oh, and there's more. The alert included this post by Linda Newkirk on her .

A Message from our Saviour June 09, 2012

"Treason from within: the Russian attacks on America!"

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Blessed Child, the alarm bells are sounding for this nation! Very great alarm bells! And, you, as a nation, are sleeping! For, a Trojan Horse has entered into this nation! You have widely opened your gates, and the Trojan Horse has entered in!

While you, as a nation slept, they worked; and still you are in the dark about their works. What is this Trojan Horse, and who are these, who have entered into your gates, whose works will have remained hidden?

I tell you that this Trojan Horse is the Russian Operation in your nation. Their true intents and purposes have remained hidden from you, the masses! And, their works have been in the dark; and sadly for you as a nation, the leader of this nation bowed to them! He broke to their demands and he opened wide the doors of your nation to these infiltrators.

Do not be naïve! The Russians, who supposedly came in for joint, military exercises, have not left; and their joint experiences have all been terminated, except for some very few.

Now, their experiences are known primarily to themselves and to a very few at the highest levels of your government. For, their collaborative efforts are to keep in power the one, who is in power over this nation. And, their combined schemes are to destroy this nation and to put it totally into the hands of your enemies. Do not believe that the Russian troops have left! They have only gone underground.

You will see more underground nuclear explosions, like the underground explosion, which was reported in and around the Indiana/Michigan area. You have also seen that this nuclear explosion and its radioactivity were immediately covered up. For, when the Russians came, they brought nuclear devices.

Why would the Russians need to bring war planes into this nation; and why would you, as a nation, allow even one of their war planes to come into your nation?

When the Russians came, they brought nuclear devices. They brought explosive devices; and they intend to set off the New Madrid fault. They are viciously attacking the New Madrid fault zone with both nuclear devices and with their terrible weapons, which are known to cause earthquakes. They have also been busy setting fires and they plan to blow up nuclear power plants and to destroy dams.

They have been allowed into this nation for the sole purposes of destabilizing this nation! You will not recognize these Russian infiltrators. Their mannerisms and their training have been perfected so that they will neither be recognized, nor suspected as foreign. They are on your streets, in your tunnels, in your cities, in your subways, and in your countryside; and they have been brought in, brought into your nation by a few at the very top of this nation, particularly by your President. For, he will use their instabilities to get his iron grip on your nation. And, he will use their money to keep his place.Soon, devastating explosions will rip this nation from one end to the other.

You opened up and you allowed these troops and these many explosions to be brought in through Russian aircraft and vehicles. The plot is from within and the great treason is from within this nation.

I am showing you their works. I am not just telling you their plans; for their plans will come to pass in great measure. I am showing you their works: fires in New Mexico; fires in Colorado, nuclear explosions and various kinds of attacks on the New Madrid Fault lines. But, among their plans are planned attacks on your nuclear power plants, planned attacks on your dams and bridges, fires, fires all across this nation, many fires and explosions, and the planned release of poisonous gases! Yes, they plan to release the poisonous gases, and soon!

Now, you see! Now, you know! There is a president in this nation, who is a true Russian intelligence agent! He is one among them; and he has been one among them for most of his adult life.

Will one change the feathers of a bird? And, will this bird easily give up his power? He will not, for his controllers will not. And, his controllers are not just the Russians, but, as you know, his controllers also control the world's wealth. Therefore, he will do as he is told to do; for he is Satan's frontrunner, who controls the military and who will also bring this nation to its knees through the violence of this Trojan Horse; and also through the violence of the international banking cartel.

I tell you these important truths! For, soon, very soon, the poisonous gases will fill the skies and fires of all sorts will erupt all over this nation, fires and explosions, and a very great destabilization of the New Madrid Fault will take place.

And, you shall hear! Chicago is fallen! Chicago is fallen! Chicago is fallen, and so great are the numbers of the dead! For, Chicago is fallen and the city is broken, clean broken down! For, a very great earthquake will rip through Chicago!

Hear Me in this! The plans of their great works are to rupture the Great Lakes! See their evil works! See what they do! For, in this way, Chicago shall fall!

I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

And still more, this one an alleged eyewitness account of the Russians at Fort Carson in May:

May 13, 2012

A week ago I was at Fort Carson on business picking up surplus equipment for the town I represent under a government program that gives surplus military equipment to local law enforcement agencies.

We're going into what is commonly referred to as a boneyard as a group of soldiers were coming out through a small gate. I accidentally bumped into one of the soldiers and he turned and apologized in Russian, I took a quick look at his uniform and noticed that there were no insignias of any type or name tags.

Being that he told me he was sorry in Russian I responded no problem in German and received a very dirty look. At that time a man that looked like a 1950s KGB agent walked up to him grabbing him by the collar and shook him as he screamed at him.

"English, you idiot, English."

By the time he finished yelling at him we were out of range and I couldn't tell what else was said but this was a platoon size unit of young man that seem to be very fit and I would not doubt that there are members of the Russian special forces. I have a little experience in spotting soldiers as I was in the Army as a military police officer for 10 years.

Will return to the administration building I ran into someone I met after Hurricane Katrina and we began speaking as I congratulated him about his promotion "whose name and rank I will not divulge" he tried me to his office and we spoke for about 20 min. while our chief law enforcement officer was signing out the vehicles.

The conversation turns in the past and present as he was surprised to see me in the uniform I was wearing and I asked him about the Russian troops.

He started to stammer and he said what Russian troops? And my reply was the one I bumped into that study excuse me in Russian and his KGB handler who start raising hell with him.

He broke in to remind me that KGB no longer exist, on my reply was that, yes the KGB's gone, but they're using another name now and they are still in business.

He acknowledged that there were Russian troops on the base by head nod and asked him are they training with the 10th Mountain division again all I had for an answer was a head nod, then I asked why in the hell are we training the Russians with our best troops and he whispered that we are not training them, wer'e training with them. At that point he said he was busy and had to get back to work, it was nice seeing me and get the hell out.

I think your assumptions on why Russian troops are on American soil training with US combat troops could be right.

The government knows that state and local law enforcement would most likely refuse an order to seize firearms from legal owners, and they only way to disarm the American public would be by force of arms by a an overwhelming force of military personnel. Being that we don't have enough military troops they would have to resort to bringing in troops from other countries. far is the Waldo Canyon fire from Fort Carson?

Colorado's greatest conspiracy theories focus on Denver International Airport. Read our August 2007 "DIA conspiracy theories take off" cover story here.

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