Thank goodness this isn't the booking photo of a current Rockies player

There was a lot of blab a few years back about the Colorado Rockies looking to sign Christian ballplayers. And while that may not thrill assorted atheists, pagans and druids, not to mention Pedro Cerrano, the voodoo-doll worshipping character played by Dennis Haysbert in Major League, it's been good news for the fans in one way: Rockies players seldom get into trouble with the law. For the most part, they can be found in the sports section, not the crime blotter.

But all bets are off for former Rockies -- like Shawn Chacon, who was arrested at a bowling alley last night in Greeley, where he's a hometown hero, in relation to unpaid gambling debts in Las Vegas. Of course, professional athletes are discouraged from bet-making in the first place, and Chacon continues to fit the pro description, although barely. He was drafted by the Rockies in 1996 and remained with the club until 2005, when he was shipped to the Yankees. It was downhill from there -- he went next to the Pittsburgh Pirates, then to the Houston Astros, and last season, he pitched for the fabled Sacramento River Cats.

As for the current Rockies, they're focusing on Philadelphia, not the legal system. Praise Jesus!

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