That's one way to get onto I-25...

"Hey, this isn't the carpool lane!"

Intrepid city gazer/DenverInfill blogger Ken Schroeppel spotted a curious scene this morning. According to Ken, the car seen here was unoccupied; the owner parked on Central Street above the highway to pop into Masterpiece Deli for some grub. Unfortunately, he left his car in neutral without the parking brake on, so it promptly rolled away, turned ninety degrees, jumped the curb, slipped down the embankment and finished up with a two-wheel landing on the side of the road. Ta-da! Hope that submarine sandwich was worth it. -- Joel Warner

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Joel Warner is a former staff writer for Westword and International Business Times. He's also written for WIRED, Men's Journal, Men's Health, Bloomberg Businessweek, Popular Science, Slate, Grantland and many other publications. He's co-author of the 2014 book The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny, published by Simon & Schuster.
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