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The Best/Worst/Only Latin Action Hero B-Movie Ever

“After 20 years of training, he finally found his calling.”

And that calling was to restore the honor of his molested younger brother by donning a mask that looks like what Spiderman would wear if he joined the Blue Man Group and went all vigilante on Chile’s criminals.

Mirageman, by writer/director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza, will also likely be the best South American marital arts action hero B-movie you will ever see.

The free sneak preview screening at the Oriental Theater, this Saturday will also probably be the worst South American marital arts action hero B-movie you will ever see.

This is because you will probably never see a South American marital arts action hero B-movie again. Ever. Which means this could be the coolest thing you do all weekend. Especially since the star of this impossibly specific genre film, Marko “The Latin Dragon” Zaror, will be at the Northwest Denver theater [[1]] signing autographs and roundhouse kicking fans in the head, live and in person.

Before he was cast as a sullen Chilean asskicker who does clapping pushups, jumps down stairs and beats up gangs of Spanish-speaking ninjas, Zaror was a stunt double for The Rock in The Rundown. Kind of like a mix between Bruce Lee and Bruce Wayne, the hero of Mirageman[[2]] is backed by “one helluva kickass funky soundtrack,” promises the press release.

The South American marital arts action hero B-movie experience begins at 7:30 at the Oriental Theater, 4335 West 44th Avenue, (303) 455-2124. – Jared Jacang Maher

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