The Bike From Work Bash was clearly the best part of Bike To Work Day

Although there might have been more bikers than normal on the roads for yesterday's Bike To Work Day, it definitely wasn't some sort of two-wheeled takeover.

But there were absolutely more bikers than normal in the parking lot of ad agency Cactus. You'll always attract a crowd with the formula they used for their Bike From Work Bash: free food, free booze, free music, and good causes. I skipped out before the bike stunts and tricycle racing, but the crowd was big and getting bigger at 6 p.m. The rain had passed, the line for beer was manageable and spirits were high.

The benefactors: beer from Brekenridge Brewery, burritos from Illegal Pete's, good cause #1 (stop smoking) from Quitdoingit.com, posters and free t-shirts/water bottles from Indyink.com, energy drinks from Amp, on-the-spot bike checkups from Pearl Velo, stunts from Yellowdesigns.com, good cause #2 (bikes for impoverished children) from Wish for Wheels, bike advocacy from Bike Denver, and "security" from the Denver Roller Dolls (hey, I wouldn't have tried any shenanigans with them around). And finally, one more round of applause for our gracious hosts, Cactus.

"Biking home from work, that's the most fun part of the day anyway," says Cactus Public Relations director Ashley Boyden. It certainly is when these guys are running the show.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.