The Broncos Reversal of Misfortune

Javon Walker is getting his knee suctioned out today. Starting offensive linemen Tom Nalen and Ben Hamilton, as well as tight ends Stephen Alexander and Nate Jackson, are finished for the year. Travis Henry awkwardly awaits appeal on a suspension that could end his season, and possibly his tenure in Denver. But you know why Broncos fans should step down from that ledge, despite all the injuries, losses and everything else that’s so painfully, obviously wrong with our team right now?

Because Jake Plummer is playing professional Handball.

One year ago, entering week 7, our beloved Broncos were 4-1, en route to another victory against the Browns. We had knocked off the Patriots (including Daniel Graham) in Foxborough and beaten the undefeated Ravens in primetime. Tatum Bell was our number one running back, Rod Smith was our number two receiver. Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler were untested rookies. The Broncos were 12-1 in their past 13 home games and ranked third, behind the undefeated Colts and Bears, in most power rankings. Our defense had given up one touchdown all season.

We still missed the playoffs.

One year later, entering week 7, our hapless Broncos are 2-3, facing a Sunday night match-up against the 4-1 Pittsburgh Steelers. We lost on the road to the Colts (not including Brandon Stokely) and were destroyed by the 1-3 Chargers at Mile High. Tatum Bell plays in the Motor City and Rod Smith has a bum hip. Jarvis Moss, Marcus Thomas and Tim Crowder are battle-tested rookies. The Broncos are 2-6 in their past eight home games and rank 25th, behind the Raiders and 49ers, in the Sports Illustrated power rankings. Our defense has surrendered 136 points.

And yesterday, Jake Plummer lost a doubles match with his brother in the first round of the U.S. Open of Handball.

The Broncos can still make the playoffs. -- Mark Schiff

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Sean Cronin