The Colorado connection to No Impact Man

Although the film version of

No Impact Man

, starring author Colin Beavan, subject of a Q&A published earlier today, takes place in New York City and a handful of other nearby locales, there's a piece of Colorado on Beavan's


website. The welcome video seen above, which encourages people to try and replicate Beavan's year-long attempt to make no impact on the environment for a week, was put together pro bono by Colorado Springs-based Dave Gardner, the man behind a nonprofit documentary project called


. It's appropriate, then, that Growthbusters is sponsoring tonight's 7 p.m. screening of

No Impact Manat the Chez Artiste

. Gardner will introduce the film and lead a discussion afterward. During the conversation, he'll no doubt mention that today has been designated Earth Overshoot Day by the

Global Footprint Network

; he describes it via e-mail as "the day they calculate humankind's demand for the year surpasses the planet's sustainable supply." Betcha he also notes that he'll be showing clips from

Hooked on Growth

, his own documentary project, which is currently in production, at the Pikes Peak EcoFestival in Colorado Springs. Visit

the fest's Facebook page

for more details.

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