The Colorado education system's Pluto coverup

Unless you live in Illinois -- and more specifically, unless you live in Illinois on March 13 every year -- Pluto is no longer a planet. And now, thousands of future Colorado schoolchildren will never know that it once was.

As the Aurora Sentinel reported last week, a committee of school-type people tasked with revising the state's Model Content Standards -- which outline what kids should learn in school -- has decided to oust the tiny former planet from the curriculum.

Sucks to be Pluto. But it turns out that lots of Flickr-ers have Pluto's back. The photo sharing site is chock full of pro-Pluto images, from photos of a "Pluto is a Planet Protest" in Seattle to witty Photoshopped graphics to a collage of bugs entitled "Bugs and Spider from the Jungle (Also I am angry for Pluto declared no longer a planet)" that doesn't seem to have anything to do with outer space.

Here's to you, Pluto. You're a planet to me.

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