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The Colorado Rockies: Winning gets you laid

Oh, you crazy Internet, you! What won't you share with us?

This question crops up in relation to the "Girlfriend Forum" on Talk-Sports.net, a series of pages devoted to the ladies who love professional athletes, regardless of marital status. The most visited cyber-nook at the portion of the site devoted to the Colorado Rockies appears to be the section reserved for Garrett Atkins, who registered four RBIs in last night's impressive 8-3 victory in Philadelphia -- and why not, since his main squeeze is reportedly model Hope Anderson, seen above. Predictably, many of the comments on view there are bitchy, including this one: "Not really that attractive... UGLY mouth!! Shows too much gums!!" Welcome to the worldwide web. Still, there are occasional pleas for sanity and civility, like this one affixed to the page of pitcher Manuel Corpas, among other places on the site:

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I have read some horrible posts on many players blogs that are very hurtful and down right lies. The thing is...it is clear that the only negative comments posted are by girls who have ulterior motives. They are either jealous of the current wife/gf ....have been played by this guy in the past....or "think" they know this athlete from his single days and assume he is still the same guy, with the same ways. Fact is....most of these guys have had their fun with the "groupies" when they were single. WHY NOT? If a female doesn't think more of herself, why should they? However, MOST, I'm not saying all...(I know that there are some who give the rest a bad name) find a wife and settle down and lead a life of fidelity. MOST of these guys are great dads,brothers,friends,husbands and sons....normal guys! Please try and treat these people with respect. ''Do unto others as you would have done to you"......You only have one chance here on earth. God wants you to treat each other with love and respect. Just try to go one day and speak nothing but positive....I bet you will feel alot better about yourself when you look in the mirror. God bless anyone who takes the time to read this today.

Fortunately, there are other alternatives to whoring around, too. Elsewhere on the Corpas page is this line: "I had great sex with my pillow while watching the game."

Was it married?

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