The Convention: Fit to Be Fried

With Barack Obama slated to accept the Democratic presidential nomination on August 28, the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, black TV networks will be all over the convention in Denver.

In her piece in the June 30 Denver Post, Joanne Ostrow quotes TV One president Jonathan Rodgers about some of his coverage plans, including chef/on-air personality G. Garvin's first assignment, to "tell people where they can find fried food in Denver."

Just one problem: As detailed here, the Denver host committee, as part of its commitment to hosting the greenest convention ever, has banned fried foods in its Lean 'n Green guidelines for the convention.

Should Garvin decide to avoid those bossy dictates, we'd suggest he head directly for Coleman's, right down the street from Zona's (pig-ear sandwich), which took over from the venerable Ethel's House of Soul and is frying up some righteous soul food right now, as Jason Sheehan discovered when he reviewed it here. -- Patricia Calhoun

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