The Denver Roller Dolls's new party bus -- and their new, unnamed Wynkoop beer

The Denver Roller Dolls are rolling out a new way to prevent D.U.I.s: a party bus that brings fans from the downtown Wynkoop Brewing Company to the 1stBank Center in Broomfield, where the Dolls hold their bouts.

According to spokeswoman Andrea "Kendra Blood" Hill, a ticket on the party bus costs $26 and includes bout admission and one pint of Wynkoop's Railyard Ale. (Party bus-goers who want to try the Dolls' own, yet-unnamed Wynkoop brew will have to buy a pint at the pub before the bus departs.) Season ticket-holders can ride the bus for just $11.

You must be 21 to ride. The bus leaves the Wynkoop at 5:30 p.m., arrives in Broomfield in time for the 7 p.m. bouts and brings fans back to the Wynkoop afterward. The next bout -- a double header at which the Dolls' A-team will face off against the Rat City Rollergirls of Seattle -- will be held June 12. The least expensive tickets are $15, and parking is another $10 -- so the bus is a good deal, especially since it includes a beer.

The Dolls' bus isn't the only party-on-wheels in town. The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, who are also based in Denver, have had a party bus that takes fans from the Skylark Lounge on Broadway to their bouts and back for several years. This year, they added another bus that departs from the Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont. Tickets are $27 -- one dollar more than the Dolls' bus.

You can almost taste the competition!

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