The DNC in photo captions

The real business begins today, but photos offer a window into the weekend's business. Here are a few slice-of-the-convention snapshots from Saturday and Sunday.

DSC_0008.jpg "We riot police are not amused by your endorsement of that Middle Eastern hippie, 'Jesus,' if that is his real name."

DSC_0018.jpg Any political message that requires putting a replica toilet on your head is one you believe in 100 percent.

IMG_0302.jpg "Yes, our airport is 167 miles from anywhere to artificially support the cab industry -- got any other questions?"

DSC_0005.jpg "Know why Hillary's campaign faltered? Nobody bought enough Clinton buttons. True fact. Now cough up some dough, Mac."

DSC_0028.jpg Giant Blue Convention Center Bear is watching you masturbate.


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