"A little bit softer now, Hillary."

The DNC party list: There ain't no party like a policy-wonk party

All dressed up for the DNC and nowhere to go? Fear not, since here’s the tentative list of the myriad shindigs, bashes and blow-outs planned throughout the city during the convention, August 23 to 28.

As this schedule demonstrates, there’s ain’t no party like a Denver DNC party. The merrymaking will include a Party Suite bash at Coors Field hosted by the New Democrat Coalition, “MySpace cafes” at the Corner Office restaurant, Daily Show tapings at the University of Denver, a “Sex, Politics and Cocktails” late night dance party at the Samba Room, and a $5,000-a-ticket “Salute to the Screen Actors Guild” event at Mile High Stadium.

The list was compiled by top Washington D.C. lobbying firm Quinn Gillespie & Associates, and you’re reading it thanks to the diligent work of the political transparency watchdogs at the Sunlight Foundation. They’re not too happy at the hundreds of receptions and VIP get-togethers planned for Denver, since politicians have promised to reign in the excess. Of course, all that special-interest pandering means more fun for us locals during the convention.

To find out about other events not listed on this schedule – for political transparency reasons only, of course – check back here regularly, since we'll be reporting on all the good times going down that we hear about.

By the way, the revelry around here makes the Republican National Convention in Minnesota look like a tea party. While the Quinn Gillespie & Associates’ Denver event list is 16 party-packed pages long, their St. Paul version clocks in at a measly five pages -– and includes such clunkers as a “Political Chicks: Every Woman Counts” event hosted in part by Lifetime and a “Republican Party Jazz Brunch.” Hey guys, don’t be expecting our RSVP anytime soon. – Joel Warner

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