The first DNC protest arrests?

At about 11:15 a Denver Department of Corrections bus -- the same type used last year to haul away arrested Columbus Day Parade protesters -- drove by the Westword offices with a police escort. The windows were covered with mesh, but about a dozen people could be seen in the back.

The bus was headed south on Broadway, away from Civic Center Park, where Recreate '68 is holding many of its events, including today's "End the Occupation March and Rally." --Jared Jacang Maher

UPDATE -- This comes via email from Westword contributor and resident drunk, Drew Bixby:

At the intersection of 22nd Ave and Downing St in Whittier/Five Points, at 12:05pm on Sunday - 4 white DPD SUVs lined up at the light facing west, each with 8 officers in full riot gear standing on the runners, holding onto the frame of the truck (for a total of 32 + passengers). They were wrapped all the way around each vehicle on the outside, shields in hand.

Strange location for them to be coming from. Training exercise? (Today we're going to practice not falling off the SUVs.)

Wish I could have gotten a photo.

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