The Giants make their move; will the Rockies counter?

With the trading deadline (2 p.m. Friday) breathing down on them, the Rockies' main wild-card foe made a couple of small but significant moves this week, dealing for first baseman Ryan Garko (whose bark is bigger than his bat but fills a need at first) and second baseman Freddy Sanchez (a former batting champ). They're not going to make the Giants title contenders, but they just might be what they need to hold off the Rockies and the rest of NL's wild-card contenders.

Unless, that is, the Rocks counter. But will they?

With the team near the top of the league in all things offense, they're focusing their attention on relief pitching. The Post has them courting Orioles lefty Mark Hendrickson, and other outlets have ... well, nothing. For a team so well positioned to make a run at a playoff spot, the Rockies' front office is shockingly, depressingly quiet -- especially after local sports-talk radio so aggressively ignored reality and pumped up Purpleville about the prospect of landing Roy Halladay (and, later, Cliff Lee). All that noise just makes the current silence more deafening, and makes the Giants' light trade-deadline rattle sound like a bomb going off, with the shrapnel flying into the Rockies' hopes.

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Joe Tone
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