Aarshiya Patil. Learn about her case and seventeen others below.
Aarshiya Patil. Learn about her case and seventeen others below.

The Heartbreaking ABCs of Missing Children Cases in Colorado

At noon today, Wednesday, May 25, on the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is holding an event in honor of National Missing Children's Day.

The gathering, which will feature a proclamation by Governor John Hickenlooper, is intended to focus attention on missing children in Colorado — and there are far too many of them.

According to the CBI, "There are 220 open cases of children missing a year or more in Colorado."

At this writing, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children lists 65 cases from Colorado. We've highlighted seventeen of them — one for each letter of the alphabet represented.

Some of the selections are old enough that artists renderings have been included in an attempt to show what the missing children might look like now. Others vanished mere weeks or months ago. And the circumstances include apparent runaway cases, abductions or heartbreaking mysteries.

Below, see posters for each of the seventeen children, including contact information to use if you can help.

Continue to learn about more heartbreaking cases of children missing in Colorado.

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