The Kristen Parker Saga: If you're headed to the hospital for Hep. C, look in your rearview for Frank Azar

The ambulance-chasing is in fifth gear in the aftermath of Hep Breakout Heard Round the World. Personal-injury lawyer Frank "Strong Arm" Azar, who's been on the case since the beginning, has hit the airwaves with quite possibly the scariest ad since Terry Tate Office Linebacker.

The video of the commercial is above, taken from my phone. Sadly, I'm a moron and screwed up the audio, so you can barely hear it. Just imagine a deep-voiced man telling you over and over that you probably have Hep C, and are probably dying from it right now, especially if you've been anywhere near Rose Medical Center lately, or know anyone who has, or have been to the hospital's web site lately.

Franklin D. Azar & Associates: Scaring you into staying inside your house since 1987!


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