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Predictably, Singleton shows little concern about potential downturns in Denver, or those naysayers who think he took leave of his senses when he purchased the Detroit News. "I've been asked many times in the last few days, 'Why did you do this?'" he concedes. "And each time, I've said, 'Because this is what we do.'"

Reputation reality: For years, now, Singleton has repeatedly said he's dedicated to turning the Denver Post into one of America's premier newspapers. If a recent article is any indication, though, the paper has not yet convinced folks at the Los Angeles Times, a broadsheet that's long occupied that territory. The July 21 Times piece focused on the revelation that its editor, John Carroll, would exit this month to make room for managing editor Dean Baquet, whose promotion "will make him the first African-American to run a top-level American newspaper." This declaration subtly disses the Philadelphia Daily News and the aforementioned Seattle Post-Intelligencer, both of which are edited by African-Americans (Michael Days and Kenneth Bunting, respectively). And the Post, which is overseen by another African-American, Greg Moore? The Times apparently feels it falls short of the top level as well.

Up, up and away.

No guv love: KOA talk-show host Bob Newman is on the warpath. The former Marine gunnery sergeant is currently awaiting permission to be embedded with the Second Marine Division, his former unit, in Fallujah, Iraq, and he's been invited to talk immigration and terrorism before U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo's congressional immigration-reform caucus on September 21. But this last visit looks to be as close as he'll come to the higher office he recently targeted.

Last November, Newman, a self-proclaimed independent, said in this space that he was thinking about joining the race for the state's governorship, and even created a committee to explore his odds. The conclusions reached by his experts were decidedly negative. "They made it very clear to me that I have no chance of winning that seat unless I joined a registered party, and I have no intention of doing that," he says. "And I'm also not going to take a bunch of money from people and just waste it. So I'm announcing that I'm withdrawing myself from consideration."

Rest easy, Colorado.

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