The most popular Westword cover stories of 2009

It's about damn time this year ended. But before it does, we're taking a look back at your favorite stories of 2009. Here, the ten most popular Westword cover stories of the year. 10. Life in Antarctica is cold -- but bloggers there can still get burned, October 8 9. Cops bust a Weeds-like drug ring, find 24 thousand pot plants, June 25 8. Clemency for these six prisoners could save millions and serve justice -- so why won't Governor Ritter try it?, October 22 7. Hep C victims speak out about getting stuck by Kristen Parker and Rose Medical Center, September 17

6. Medical marijuana has become a growth industry in Colorado, February 5

5. Kenny Be: "I'd rather be gay than GLAAD", September 30 4. I-300 is out to put the brakes on illegal immigration, October 29 3. Kenny Be's guide to summer's terrifying two-wheeled creatures, June 17 2. Where would you take a $100,000 check that is also a suicide note - to the cops or to the bank?, May 14 1. SAME Cafe: The restaurant where you pay what you can, February 26

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