The Nuggets are on the up and up

So although the Nuggets let the Thunder stay in the game about 47 minutes too long last night, it's become evident they mean business this year. They sit at the number-two spot in the conference with three games to go, with some absolutely pivotal match-ups with the Lakers and the Trailblazers.

The Nuggets have also strung together a nice little eight-game win streak and have won twelve of the last thirteen.

Still, we have been playing second fiddle to the Lakers, Magic, Cavaliers and Celtics. Not being on a coast or having LeBron James does not play in Nuggets' favor for media attention, but our diversely talented squad is finally getting recognized.

On this week's ESPN NBA Awards Watch, the Nuggets are the most represented team overall. Of the six categories, there is a Nugget in five of them, although none is higher than number four on the list.

The chances that any of these players will actually win are about the same as Anthony Carter dunking (that's right! I'm calling you out!) --  with the exception of J.R. Smith for Sixth Man of the Year. J.R. has been as streaky as the stock market in the last few months, but both are on an upswing (right now, at least).

With the bad taste of what happened to the Broncos still on my tongue, and my expectations for the Rockies as low as usual (until they show me something different), I am pinning all my sports-related hopes and dreams on the powder blue and white.

So long as we can finally do the logical thing and blare Seal's "Fly Like an Eagle" every time the Birdman rejects another shot...

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